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Interact with your guests

Create a custom tailored experience within seconds. The use of audio, video and the ability to chat with your guest on a personal level will enhance the visitors experience. It’s 2018 and it’s time every place has an app..

Easy to Use

Our goal is for you to build a custom app within 10 minutes. We’ve shown several museums who already have their content ready to meet that goal. You read that right! Change the direction of your museum by building an app!

Modern Framework. Beacon Technology

Use smart beacon technology to see exactly where your guests are as they interact with both the exhibitions and your app. Build on our modern framework built with React, React Native and Ruby on Rails. Our up to date tech stack will be flexible to your business and easy to use.

Tourize helped us leverage augmented reality to bring the sinkhole exhibit back to life and showcase what the cars looked like before they were damaged in the sinkhole.

Corvette Museum

Local to Fort Wayne, we used Tourize to update our traveling exhibit section so both our app and exhibitions stay up to date.

Fort Wayne Art Museum

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