Mobile first

App development

We develop both mobile and web apps. Our apps contain great user experiences and user interfaces. No matter the tech stack, we’ve built native apps, native script apps, react native apps, cordova, ionic and titanium apps. For the web we’ve built vue.js, angular and react apps as well.See some examples.

Icon & Logo Design

Logos, and icons for apps, are the first point of interaction between customers and interfaces. The brand is as important as the company and its services it provides. We spend a great deal of time and effort developing our applications brands and our clients brands or icons.

UI / UX Design

Great apps are beautiful and easy to use. We work closely with clients to design stunning and elegant user experiences for all devices. We want it to be easy to use and fit the business requirements and needs to convert visitors into customers.

Corporate Websites

We are a full service web design studio that can help your small, medium or large business develop a website from scratch. We will understand your business needs and implement them to showcase how you are different than the crowd. From color palette to page layout, we will help you get your business online.

Application Support

This might be the one thing we don’t have in common with the real 007 agent James Bond. We won’t leave your stunning app behind. We’ll be there to perform system upgrapes, application upgrades and general maintenance. We won’t leave you behind after our initial go live.

Graphic Design

You cannot have a great app without great graphics. Graphics can make or break a website and application. Whether it is visual cues for loading elements or a help cartoon of a character that walks users along a process – graphics are important. Let us create stunning graphics for your business.

The names Apps, Double Zero Apps.

Let us be the secret behind your success online. We can help no matter if you are a marketing agent, a small business owner, a large company or just a person with an idea. We will work with you directly one – on – one to build the app or website of your dreams and help you launch, continue or grow your business.

Icon Examples

Graphic Examples

Logo Examples

Mobile App Examples


Android / iOS

Android / iOS

Android / iOS

Web App Examples

Branduffalo (Web)

Angular / Ruby on Rails / Web App
Tourize (Web)

react / Ruby on Rails / SEO / Web App
Teamiro (Web)

Ruby on Rails / SEO / Web App

Corporate Website Examples

Stickle Landscape Management

PHP / SEO / Web Design & Development / WordPress

Graphic Design / PHP / SEO / Web Design & Development / WordPress
Lawn Craft

Graphic Design / PHP / SEO / Web Design & Development / WordPress